Stronger by Kanye West

Artist Kanye West
Track Stronger
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Who has sampled Stronger or which samples are used?

This track is using samples of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk .

19 Contributions to Stronger

Kanye West producer
Andrew Dawson recording (additional)
Anthony Kilhoffer recording (additional)
Kengo Sakurai recording (additional)
Jared Robbins mix (additional)
Omar Edwards instrument (keyboard)
Andrew Dawson recording
Anthony Kilhoffer recording
Bram Tobey engineer (assistant)
Jason Agel engineer (assistant)
Nate Hertweck engineer (assistant)
Andy Chatterley instrument (keyboard)
Timbaland programming (additional)
Seiji Sekine recording
Manny Marroquin mix
Kengo Sakurai engineer (assistant)
Jared Robbins engineer (assistant)
Lamar "Mars" Edwards instrument (keyboard)
Kanye West composer

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