Dance Max 11 by Freddie Mercury


Living on My Own (extended mix)
Mr. Vain (Vain mix)

Mr. Vain (Vain mix)
Culture Beat

Summer Summer (12" mix)
Give It Up (Batacuda Refrescante)
The Jungle Book Groove (Jungle club mix)
It's On (Beatnuts remix)

It's On (Beatnuts remix)
Naughty by Nature

Somebody Dance With Me (club mix)
L'Esperanza (Doub mix) (feat. Patricia)
Wheel of Fortune (12" mix)
We Are Going on Down (Gone With the Wind mix)
Bad Boys (Dave Morales extended mix)
The Joker (Ragga dub remix) (feat. Michael G.)
Take a Free Fall (club mix)
Piece of My Heart (Piece mix)
Night in Motion

Night in Motion
Various Items

Dreams (Piano mix 12")
Dance Chaos (Stoned mix) (feat. Herbert Grönemeyer)
Dum Da Dum (club version)
Extasy (Will Bring Us Together) (Breathless club mix)
Buddy X. (Falcon & Fabian remix)
Declaration (Dipdipda) (Candy Apollonia club mix)
Zorba the Greek (Elastic mix)
AB Logic (original version)
Peace, Love & Harmony (extended club mix)
Pinochio (Gina's mix)
Down the Road (Perfecto edit)

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