Breakdown Ibiza: The Very Best of Euphoric Dance by Fluke




Odyssey to Anyoona

Odyssey to Anyoona
Jam & Spoon

10 in 01 (Paul van Dyk club mix)
American Dream (Joey Negro club mix)
Thankyou (Deep Dish remake)
Innocente (Falling in Love) (Mr. Sam's the Space Between Us mix)
Happiness (Coast to Coast remix)
Precious Heart (original mix)

Precious Heart (original mix)
Tall Paul vs. INXS

Better Off Alone (Signum remix)
Bassfly (Moogwai remix)

Bassfly (Moogwai remix)
Tillman & Ries

Composure (00 Fleming mix)
Lost You Somewhere (Heliotropic mix)
From Russia With Love (Solar Stone's Red City remix)
Vernon's Wonderland (Pierre Hiver & M. Hammer remix)
Das Glockenspiel (DJ Tiësto remix)
Fiji (Lange remix) (feat. Miriam Stockley)
Dream to Me (Airscape remix)
I Turn to You (Hex Hector club mix)
Flesh (Tiësto mix)

Flesh (Tiësto mix)
Jan Johnston

Spaced Invader (original mix)
Castles in the Sky (Wippenburg club mix)

Fatboy Slim

Strange World (2000 remake)
Played-A-Live (The Bongo Song) (original club mix)
7 Years (original mix)
Always on My Mind (Lange remix)
Shout (C'mon) (Sagitaire mix)
Sunstorm (Face Off remix)
Don't You Want Me (bootleg)
Mon Ami (original mix)
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? (Ferry Corsten remix)
New Years Dub (original 12" mix)
Can't Keep Me Silent (12" original mix)
Chase the Sun (extended club mix)
Seven Cities (Solar Stones Atlantis mix)
I Put a Spell on You (original 12" mix)

Lost Tribe

Happy People (Chocolate Puma mix)
Gotta Have Hope

Gotta Have Hope

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